Sarah Wageman

New Groove Records

The vinyl record has been a consistent technology that captures the purest form of a recording while also providing the listener with an experience unlike that of simply downloading an MP3. Although on a hiatus for a few decades, it’s undeniable sound quality has allowed it to make a resurgence with a new generation and a rekindled love for the old. As you hold the record sleeve and explore the artwork, you are transported into the world of the artist and the rich warmth of a needle touching down on vinyl is unmatched by any other form of recording. 


New Groove Records is a modern approach to the classic concept of the record store. We travel the United States during the Spring and Summer festival season, venturing to every big festival we can highlighting the musicians featured and connecting music lovers with the rich textures of vinyl listening. During months off the road, our Airstream is parked in beautiful Portland, Oregon where it can be found by locals amidst other local food and vendor trucks. Supporters can travel with us by following along on Instagram, as well as downloading our app, ‘New Groove’ and our interactive schedule poster. 

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